Y&D450S Online automatic coating machine

Brief description:Y&D450S online automatic coating machine three-axis selective coating machine is used in power supply led instrument automotive electronics industrial control security military and other fields. The system features industrial computer + motion con...

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Detailed introduction
Product introduction:
Y&D450S online automatic coating machine is used in power supply, led, instrument, automotive electronics, industrial control, security, military and other fields. Realize on-line high-speed spraying, which can be connected with the return line to achieve high efficiency, high quality and high requirements.

System characteristics:
1.It adopts industrial computer + motion controller, fault audible and visual alarm and menu display
2.The programming adopts CAD guide drawing or manual teaching, and the operation is simple and fast
3.All sheet metal is welded and made, and the platen is chrome plated with 20mm thickened iron plate, which has strong stability
4.X Y and Z 3 axis imported servo motor to drive the compact screw module movement
5.The conveying part is driven by stepping motor on both sides, and the speed is adjustable
6.Running accuracy is 0.02mm, and the error can be eliminated automatically
7.Two rubber valves are provided as standard; Automatic cleaning device for rubber valve
8.Special aluminum alloy track and stainless steel conveying chain, conveying width can be adjusted automatically
9.Independent paint container barrel, glue supply system with monitoring function
10.Equipped with SMEMA interface, it can communicate with other equipment.

Technical parameters:

Dimension L1300*W1000*H1700mm
Weight 800kg
Control method Industrial control+Motion control card
Program storage quantity More than 100000
PCB transmission height 950+/-20mm
Speed 10000mm/min
Transfer direction L→R (R→L)
PCB width range Manual adjustment range 50-450mm
X.Y axis drive mode Servo motor+Electric cylinder drive
X.Y.Z axis Maxmum running speed 1500mm/s,1000mm/s
X.Y.Z axis positioning accuracy  0.03mm, 0.02mm
Z axis drive mode Servo motor+ball screw

Valve quantity 2 pcs, 1 dispensing valve, 1 spray valve
PCB size Max:W450*L450mm
PCB board component height Max:70mm
Coating width of dispensing valve Minimum coating width of needles:2mm Coating width of fine mist:6-8mm
Coating thickness 0.03mm-1mm
Tank volume One 10L pressure tank with agitator One Stainless steel tank for cleaning
Cleaning function Equipment comes with cleaning function
Maximum exhaust flow 120m³/h
Power AC220V 1.8KW
Air resource 4-6kgf/cm²
Opetional Features Bar code scanning function, CCD Positioning function, Electric amplitued modulation mode


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