Y&D200 Mini three-axis dispensing machine

Brief description:Y&D200 Mini dispensing machine is a very popular model. It can be operated through the teaching box. It has the function of motion repair. All axes can be dispensed in a straight line or arc. The software is powerful and easy to use. It can eas...

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Detailed introduction

Product introduction:

Y&D200 Mini three-axis dispensing machine adopts three-axis design and easy to operate program. It can make dot, line, arc and other gluing actions. It can be input with the teaching box. Once the user learns, it can be matched with Y & D dispensing equipment and accessories to achieve accurate and complete gluing application.
Scope of application: This product has a wide range of applications, such as relay packaging, mobile phone key dispensing, mobile phone battery packaging, notebook battery packaging, coil dispensing, PCB binding sealing, IC sealing, horn outer ring dispensing, PDA sealing, LCD sealing, etc.

Product parameters:

Item Y&D200
X/Y/Z working area (mm) 200/200/50
Load worktable 2.0kg / 1.0kg
Speed PTP X&Y/Z (mm/sec) 0.1~350
Repeatability ± 0.03mm / axis
Data memory 100 programs, 4000 points/program
Data storage CF card
Program Display Teach pendant LCD
Operation system PTP (point to point) & CP (continuous path)
Interpolation linear/circular 3 axis
Program  method Teach pendant
Motor system Micro stepping motor
Mode of transmission Synchronous belt
Power supply AC 90~260V 125W
Operating temperature 0~40°C
Size 315*315*460
Weight 15kg


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