V2000 Series piezoelectric valve

Brief description:Product Description: V2000 series piezoelectric valve is a high-performance injection valve with high and low viscosity. 1. The latest piezoelectric driving device has faster dispensing speed and limit frequency up to 1400hz; 2. The new nozzle and ...

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Detailed introduction
Product introduction:
V 2000 series piezoelectric valve is a high-performance injection valve
1. The latest piezoelectric driving device has faster dispensing speed and the limit frequency can reach 1400hz
2. The new nozzle and striker design have a wider application range and can better meet the dispensing requirements of high viscosity and large amount of glue;
3. Adopt the latest design to simplify the adjustment mode of striker and realize visual adjustment;
4. The unique control mode can realize frequency conversion injection synchronized with the platform speed;
5. Non contact dispensing mode is adopted to eliminate z-axis movement and improve production efficiency;
6. Replaceable striker and nozzle of superhard material, with ultra long service life;
7. The minimum glue amount can be as small as 1nl, the minimum line width is 0.25mm, and the minimum diameter is 0.2mm;
8. The spraying amount can be accurate to 1nl, and the consistency of glue spots can reach 2%;
9. Unique nozzle, flow channel and feeding constant temperature system ensure that the viscosity of glue is not affected by temperature and maintain ultra-high consistency;
10. High precision nozzle and precise structural design, small stroke and strong injection force, which can effectively prevent bubbles and scattered points;
11. New nozzle, channel structure design, less consumables, more convenient disassembly and maintenance;
12. It is suitable for low to high viscosity fluids and hot melt adhesives. It has modular switching, and its flexibility can meet the changing dispensing needs.

1. The overall configuration design is small, space saving, simple and easy to clean;
2. The valve body is designed with a cooling module to make the performance of the valve body more stable;
3. V2000 controller, easy to operate and use.
Application Industry: electronic equipment / mobile equipment, 3C industry, automobile, medical equipment, chemicals, cosmetics, identification, packaging, photovoltaic, lighting, glass optics, clothing and new energy.
Standard configuration: v2000 series piezoelectric valve and v2000 controller
Optional: nozzle heating assembly, rubber barrel heating assembly
Common glue: epoxy resin, UV glue, led silica gel, red glue, ink, primer.
Focus on applications: bottom filling, frame bonding and sealing, precision coating, dam filling, pin packaging and binding.

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