V97MS precision spray valve

Brief description:Product introduction: V97MS precision ultramicro spray valve V97MS uses micro pressure air to achieve stable spraying of 3~20mm diameter. Use GP standard needle for precision dispensing with inner diameter of 0.33 ~ 0.10mm to reach less than 60% of t...

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Detailed introduction
Product introduction:

Ultra micro spray valve V97MS uses micro pressure micro air to achieve stable spraying of
3-20mm diameter. Use 0.33-0.10mmm precision standard needle to reach below 60% of standard nozzle spray size. 

Performance parameters:

Model: V97MS
Cylinder boday: SUS303
Flow groove: SUS303
Weight: 308g
Dimension: ø26.9 x 130 Length
Liquid supply interface: SUS303
Firing pin seat: SUS303
Nozzle cap: SUS303
Firing pin assembly: SUS303
V-ring: PTFE/SUS303
Liquid supply port: 1/8 NPT
Mounting port: M6
Applicable needle diameter ID: 0.33-0.1mm
Drive air pressure : 0.4- 0.62Mpa
Nebulizer pressure: 0.2Mpa(Standard)
Maximum liquid pressure: 0.7Mpa


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