Y&D600D Double liquid rubber valve

Brief description:Commonly known as flashlight AB glue valve batch production has spot specifications: 1:1 (50ml) 2:1 (37ml50ml) 4:1 (50ml) 10:1 (50ml37ml). It is suitable for all kinds of two-liquid glues such as cyan glue epoxy resin glue silica gel and other two...

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Detailed introduction
Product introduction:
Commonly known as flashlight AB glue valve, it is available in stock in batch production. Specifications: 1:1 (50ml), 2:1 (37ml, 50ml), 4:1 (50ml), 10:1 (50ml37ml). It is suitable for all kinds of two-liquid glue, such as cyan glue, epoxy resin glue, silica gel and other two-component glue. It is equipped with a single outlet dispensing machine, which is simple to operate and flexible to use. It can mix the two liquids in proportion, and then dispense glue without manual mixing, so as to reduce the waste of raw materials and improve efficiency.

Performance parameters:


Product dimension drawing:

Installation steps:

 1. Unscrew the snap screw                    2. Remove the trap

  3. Put the AB cylinder into                       4.Fit the snap back into the 
                 the snap                                        
glue gun and screw it      

                    5. Connect the mixing pipe to the rubber cylinder

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