Micro screw valve (single liquid)

Brief description:Micro screw valve (single liquid) is suitable for all kinds of high viscosity and granular media such as silica gel adhesive solder paste UV glue etc. the conveying flow is constant stable without pulsation low shear the flow is directly prop...

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Detailed introduction
1.Product introduction:
Micro screw valve (single liquid) is suitable for all kinds of high viscosity and granular media, such as silica gel, adhesive, solder paste, UV glue, etc. the conveying flow is constant, stable, without pulsation, low shear, the flow is directly proportional to the rotating speed, and is not affected by the changes of medium viscosity, temperature and pressure. It has self-priming and back suction functions to avoid dripping, wire drawing and other problems.
1)High precision of glue output;
2)Easy to use, precision screw hot melt rubber valve, convenient debugging;
3)Different screws can be selected according to the flow requirements;

2. Model and parameters of micro single liquid screw valve

3.Application Industry:
Steam screen printing: precision metering and transportation of various aluminum silver conductive pastes and inks;
Electronic industry: dispensing and potting applications of various PVC plates, components, shells, connectors, insulators, speakers, etc;
Photovoltaic solar energy: conductive slurry transportation, silicon wafer cutting component glue transportation, junction box bonding, potting, module sealing and other applications;
Automotive Industry: dispensing and potting applications for engine, body, lamp, window, airbag, cooler, oil pipe, ABS, esp, sensor, etc.

4. Glue:
Various adhesives, silica gel, AB adhesive, packaging adhesive, sealant, etc;
Various solder paste, conductive paste, RTV adhesive, epoxy adhesive, polyurethane, etc;
Various UV paints, coatings, paints, thick paints, solvent paints, additives, suspensions, viscous raw materials, emulsions, oils, etc.

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