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  • What should we pay attention to when using dispensing machin

    The glue dot diameter of the dispenser shall be half of the pad spacing. If it is a post veneer dispenser, the glue dot diameter shall be 1.5 times that of the ordinary dispenser. This ensures that there is enough glue to bond the component...

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  • Application field of visual dispensing machine

    Visual dispensing machine is mainly operated and controlled by visual intelligent system. It uses a high-definition camera to locate the coordinates of the product (the product can be placed at will), and transmits the coordinate values to...

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  • Product characteristics of visual dispensing machine

    Visual dispensing machine is a high-precision dispensing equipment developed and produced. It has the advantages of high precision, high productivity, low cost and simple operation. Product characteristics of visual dispensing machine: 1. T...

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  • Advantages of on-line dispensing machine

    Advantages of on-line dispensing machine 1. All Chinese operation interface, easy to learn and use. 2. Drawing point, straight line, weight line, continuous line, arc, circle, ellipse, runway, distance shape, spiral, coating, continuous rep...

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  • Four elements of on-line dispensing machine maintenance

    1. To replace the rubber of the on-line dispensing machine, please clean the pipe. At this time, first close the feed valve, open the discharge valve, then close the discharge valve, open the feed valve, pour the cleaning solvent into the r...

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  • Principle of plasma surface treatment

    ​ The basic principle of plasma surface treatment is that the plasma temperature is close to room temperature. The advantages of plasma surface treatment provide favorable conditions for the surface modification of heat sensitive polymers...

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  • Characteristics of curve dividing machine

    Y amp; d7300c Y amp; d4000c series curve dividing machine 1、 Product features 1. Desktop single table curve dividing machine, with speed up to 100mm / s and positioning speed of 500mm / S; 2. The high-quality rotating shaft system enables...

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  • Key points for selecting glue for automatic dispensing machi

    The automatic dispensing machine is designed, configured and assembled according to the type of glue used at the beginning. Whether a dispensing machine can use multiple glues is not possible in most cases. According to the type and charact...

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  • Working principle and application field of Dongguan five axi

    The five axis dispensing machine is the exclusive product developed by Dongguan Yiren Industrial Co., Ltd. the five axis dispensing machine has more dispensing mode choices and more flexible dispensing methods than ordinary dispensing machi...

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  • Which domestic desktop automatic dispensing machine manufact

    Now all walks of life have high requirements for products. Take the traditional dispensing industry for example, our badges and accessories are generally dispensed through some semi-automatic dispensing, but now some high-tech industries, s...

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