Y&D500R Multifunctional rubber valve controller

Brief description:Y&D500R multi-function rubber valve controller features and advantages can be used to control various pneumatic valves such as diaphragm valves firing pin valves piston valves spray valves screw valves and screw valve dispensing controllers wi...

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Detailed introduction
Features and advantages:
It can be used to control all kinds of pneumatic valves
For example, diaphragm valves, firing pin valves, piston valves, spray valves, screw valves and screw valves with encoding motors.
The time and pressure of dispensing controller are digitally displayed and can be accurately regulated;
The controller can program 10 different dispensing, sequential dispensing or separate dispensing programs;
Diversified dispensing modes, including timing, inching, teaching and interruption;
Store 10 dispensing procedures to flexibly deal with the change of dispensing amount at different points;
RS232 interface and foot switch trigger control to realize automatic dispensing;
Adjust low pressure alarm function;
Two year functional guarantee;

Performance parameters:
Appearance dimension L259 x W191 x H102mm
Cycle rate 900 cycles per minute
Timing range 0.008~60.000 second
Timing repetition accuracy ±0.001% 
Input air pressure maximum100psi (6.9bar)
Output air pressure 1~100psi (0.07~6.9bar) 



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