Y&D1800ⅡMicrocomputer precision dispensing machine

Brief description:Characteristics and advantages of Y & d1800 Ⅱ microcomputer precision dispensing machine are applicable to all kinds of fluids. It has manual (continuous spitting) and automatic (segmented spitting) functions. The use teaching function is conven...

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Detailed introduction
Features and advantages:
* Suitable for various fluids
* With manual(dispensing in continuous) and auto(dispensing in parts) functions
* Use the teaching function which is quite convenient for initial parameter setting
* Using vacuum adjustment mechanism to prevent drip leakage
* With the function of input and output signals
* Input: With / Without contact 
* Output: With contact (finish dispensing signal of standard configuration)
* One year functional guarantee

performance parameter:

Dispensing air setting range 5-700.0kpa
Dispensing time setting 0.001-9.999sec
Display LED Digital Display
Vacuum suction range 0-20.0kpa
Air Supply Max 0.8 MPa
Voltage AC100V-240V 50/60 HZ
Dimensions L188 x W196 x H76mm
Weight 3.5kg


It is suitable for the precise dispensing process requirements of products with small amount of glue. It is controlled by foot switch and can be equipped with Yiren three-axis dispensing machine. Liquid with viscosity below 10000 CPS is used for bonding, fixing, dot coating, linear coating, etc.
Common glue packaging: toothpaste, bag (bulk), syringe, small bottle, small can, etc.
Common glue characteristics: quick drying glue, anaerobic glue, UV glue, liquid glue, paste glue, paint, ink, grease, lubricating oil, solder paste, etc.

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