Y&D1100Digital display dispensing machine

Brief description:Characteristics and advantages of Y & d1100 digital display dispensing machine: microcomputer controlled timing time display: 0.001 to 99.99 repetition accuracy: 0.05% with learning function with time memory for controlling the vacuum suction of ...

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Detailed introduction
Features and advantages:
Manual switch control without air pressure and more convenient operation
NC Control
Timing time display: 0.001 to 99.99
Repetition accuracy: 0.05%
With learning function and wear-resistant rotor mechanism, it can effectively prolong the service life of the pipe and better save the production cost
Vacuum suction for controlling dilution liquid
Do not disappear time memory
Adjustable fluid pressure 0 ~ 120psi
The standard level signal input interface can be controlled by automatic equipment at will
Two year functional guarantee

Performance parameters:

volume L215×W225×H90mm
Dispensing time 0.001~99.99秒±0.1%
Intake pressure 80~120Psi
Power Supply 110/220VAC
weight 2.5kg

Plug wiring, mobile phone keys, remote control keys, VCD, DVD optical head, magnetic head, solution sub packaging drip and other high-precision glue dispensing occasions of precision machines.
It is suitable for the precise dispensing process requirements of products with small amount of glue. It is controlled by foot switch and can be equipped with Yiren three-axis dispensing machine. Liquid with viscosity below 10000 CPS is used for bonding, fixing, dot coating, linear coating, etc.
Common glue packaging: toothpaste, bag (bulk), syringe, small bottle, small can, etc., water-based quick drying glue dispenser.

Common glue characteristics: quick drying glue, anaerobic glue, UV glue, liquid glue, paste glue, paint, ink, grease, lubricating oil, solder paste, etc.

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